Paul Cohen

Florida State U. Film School - Executive director, Torchlight Program

Launched FSU’s groundbreaking Torchlight Program.

After 12 years away, longtime indie film exec Cohen returned to Tallahassee last fall to help film school dean Frank Patterson launch Torchlight, a for-profit distribution company within the school that teaches students the business side of filmmaking and gives them a chance to have their work seen by a larger audience.

The unique program encourages “vital and current” approaches, challenging students to use new media in creating, marketing and distributing their films so they can see a return on their investments. While Torchlight focuses on business considerations, FSU’s film school helps on the production side by giving student filmmakers the opportunity to shoot on Red One 4K digital cameras.

Two of Cohen’s former students, Jeff Marks and Adam Elend, recently launched the CBS Interactive program Moblogic.tv, an interactive online show covering news, politics and pop culture. “What they’re doing is creating a community of viewers and their contemporaries,” Cohen says. “This is all new territory — they have to create their own destiny.”