As part of its “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” launch campaign, Fox is giving U.S. military personnel stationed overseas and their families an early look at the show next week.

The “Terminator” pilot will run on the American Forces Network’s AFNprime channel on Jan. 14, the night after its Fox premiere.

Early premiere is unusual for the American Forces Network. Because AFN (which programs eight different channels for personnel and families abroad) airs series repeats, the programming service usually waits until the end of the season before airing a show in its entirety.

But that means military folks stationed abroad are usually watching shows six to eight months after everyone back home. (Shows that don’t repeat, such as “American Idol,” aren’t delayed and are shown via satellite immediately.) The networks and studios offer most of their programming for free to the Dept. of Defense, which is able to program AFN’s channels by cherry-picking from virtually every TV program on the air.

Fox and producer Warner Bros. TV have been tapping a wide variety of unusual outlets to preview “Terminator.” The premiere episode also was streamed for 24 hours last week on Yahoo. Skein also was screened over the weekend at the Golden Apple comicbook store on Melrose.