Awarded the T Fellowship to develop a Broadway show with top producers.

His very formal title at Columbia U. is Visiting Associate Research Scholar, but the real news has a much more exciting ring: Pinckard partners with veteran Broadway producers Hal Prince (“Sweeney Todd”) and Margo Lion (“Hairspray”) to develop a new musical.

Back in September, Pinckard (U. of Florida, 1998) became an inaugural recipient of Col’s T. Edward Hambleton producing fellowship, which culminates this autumn in his “presentation” (i.e. reading) of that new tuner.

“Hal has been clear that you don’t have to have the whole thing finished,” says Pinckard, more than a little relieved. “We’ll do a presentation of what’s ready. Act one and a sketch of act two would be fantastic.”

The new untitled musical, by Chris Miller, began as a song cycle. Pinckard heard it 10 years ago, remembered it fondly, and after winning the fellowship, called the composer’s agent to secure the rights.

“The musical, set in Depression-era Alabama, picks up where the prodigal son story leaves off,” he explains.