The Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s annual network chieftain lunch has been put on hold, as the group tussles with NBC over which Peacock exec will join the dais.

According to insiders, NBC Universal TV doesn’t think either of its co-chairmen — Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff — should be onstage when it’s entertainment presidents who traditionally headline the event.

Fox Entertainment chairman Peter Liguori isn’t featured at the lunch, Peacock execs note, nor was Lloyd Braun back when he held the chairman title at ABC.

But NBC doesn’t have an exec with an “entertainment president” title. The net’s scripted series topper, Teri Weinberg, is an exec VP.

Peacock has offered up Weinberg for the powwow, noting that the exec’s duties are similar to those of the other nets’ entertainment presidents.

But NBC’s rivals have balked — arguing that Silverman went up on stage last year despite his co-chairman title.

NBC responded by noting that non-entertainment prexies have been called in as substitutes at the network prexy luncheon in the past, such as CBS senior exec VP Kelly Kahl.

Negotiations to determine how NBC will be represented onstage — or if at all — are ongoing. As a result, the HRTS hasn’t been able to lock in a date for its network chiefs luncheon.

HRTS was believed to be looking at Oct. 29 for the event, but it’s unclear whether that date would still be available any more.