The MPAA won a victory in its battle against DVD-ripping software on Tuesday when a federal judge kept a temporary prohibition against the distribution of RealDVD in place.

On Tuesday, Judge Marilyn Patel of the U.S. District Court of Northern California decreed that RealNetworks must not distribute its software for now. The MPAA and RealNetworks filed dueling lawsuits over the software on Sept. 30, the day of RealDVD’s launch, and on Friday night Patel put the kibosh on its distribution.

The studios contend that the software allows consumers to “rent, rip and burn” movies for personal use, and they are arguing that the software will harm the DVD biz. RealNetworks, meanwhile, contends that its software is legal since it does not bypass copyright encryption.

In a filing on Monday, RealNetworks argued that the restraining order had already caused “significant irreparable harm to Real” and further extension would devastate the company’s ability to ever successfully launch the software.