Davies mounts ‘Strongest Celebrity’

'Millionaire' producer, IMG pact for spinoff

Michael Davies is looking to bulk up the reality genre.

The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” producer is teaming with IMG to mount “The World’s Strongest Celebrity,” a star-centric spinoff of IMG’s long-running “The World’s Strongest Man” competition.

Skein would feature well-known folks squaring off against each other in a series of physical challenges designed to test their strength. Civilian edition began more than 30 years ago on CBS and is now seen on ESPN2.

“World’s Strongest Man” is known for over-the-top events such as the airplane pull, the log lift and the fridge carry. It’s expected celebs will be asked to pull off modified versions of such challenging feats.

“If the strongmen are pulling airplanes, then the celebs might be pulling cars,” said one person familiar with the pitch for “Strongest Celebrity.”

It’s likely the format of the show would match that of “Dancing With the Stars,” with celebs training with pros and facing weekly elimination.

Davies and reps from IMG began pitching the concept to networks last week via a series of telephone meetings set up by Endeavor. It’s believed several nets have expressed interest, but there’s no deal yet.

“Strongest Celebrity” would join an increasingly large number of celeb-centric reality skeins in the works at the nets. ABC and NBC are both working on shows in which celebs perform circus acts. CBS recently greenlit “Secret Talents of the Stars,” which appears to be a sort of celeb version of “America’s Got Talent.”