Jeff Zucker’s been accused of plenty of things during his tenure at NBC Universal.

But here’s one thing he’s not: the cameraman behind a pro-Barack Obama video made by a children’s choir in Venice, Calif.

It all started when a group called “Sing for Change” posted a YouTube video of a group of 22 kids crooning about Obama. The org’s website included a list of people who helped shoot the short — including one “Jeff Zucker.”

That ID was enough for websites, including the Drudge Report, to report that “head of NBC Universal Jeff Zucker (was) among Hollywood bigwigs behind video.”

One problem: There were no Hollywood bigwigs involved in the video. And the Jeff Zucker behind the “Sing for Change” gathering? Not NBC U’s Zucker, but someone else entirely.

Drudge pulled the item, but several blogs are still reporting that NBC U’s Zucker was somehow involved with an obscure group of singing Venice kids.

For the record, NBC U has confirmed that their Zucker did not participate in the “Sing for Change” video. Other blogs have noted that a gaffer named “Jeff Zucker” can be found on IMDB.com, where his credits include “Lost” and “Donnie Darko.”

Of course, even IMDB is admittedly confused: The website pairs gaffer Jeff Zucker’s credits with photos of… NBC U topper Jeff Zucker.