Golden Globes: And the winner is…

satellite truck rental companies! Reporters seem generally happy to not to have to get all dolled up for the event…but we miss the booze, no doubt. PR folks are milling about. There’s a good turnout, even if they have no one to babysit.

We’re moments away from starting…OK now we’ve started.

HFPA prexy Jorge Camara gets the prize for first mention of the strike, after to explaining to the TVGlobesgroup  aud (of thousands?) why they aren’t getting the usual finery.

“We all hope that the writers strike will be over soon so that eveybody can go back to making good movies and television, which is what the Golden Globes is designed to celebrate,” Camara said, with a straight face.

Funny thing is, as the winners are being announced, the room is still applauding even though the recipients are nowhere near us. We’re so well-trained, us showbiz journos.

Also funny is how tonight’s presenters have defined “business attire,” as called for by the HFPA. Monotone cocktail dresses, just above knee (other than “Inside Edition’s” Jim Moret, of course, who looks like a banker). Mary Hart went for stoplight-red and the lowest-plunging neckline.

Jon Hamm has won lead drama actor for AMC’s “Mad Men.” This is good.

E! News Giuliana Rancic made her “I support the WGA” statement just before she intro’d the screenplay writers category (which went to Joel and Ethan Coen for “No Country for Old Men,” BTW)

“I support the WGA. and no, not becausee without the strike there would be no way I’d ever be standing up here presenting. If you’ve ever seen me act, you’d know. But I do support the writers. Next year I hope is extremely different than this year,” Rancic said.

“Extra’s” Dayna Devon has just delivered the big suck up to Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., likely bucking for a better platform position on next year’s red carpet. She observed that HFPA prexy “Jorge Camara really should be negotiating the writers strike, because if you can get ‘Extra,’ ‘ET,’ ‘The Insider,’ ‘Showbiz Tonight’ and ‘Inside Edition’ on the same stage, you can do anything.” Oh please.

NBC’s “Access Hollywood” smiling faces is noticeably missing, however — a testament to just how steamed NBC is over the whole Globes mess.

Hmmm, big night for “Sweeney Todd.”

“Mad Men” won again, for drama series. This is also good.

And Jorge Camara brings it home, announcing the winner for feature drama.


“And rest assured, the Golden Globes will be back, bigger and better than ever,” Camara promises.

Wait! There’s a happy postscript. The champagne is flowing, at the back of the room.

–Cynthia Littleton

(Pictured above, from left, Lara Spencer, Jorge Camara, Brooke Anderson, Jim Moret, Giuliana Rancic, Dayna Devon and Mary Hart. Pic by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com)