Henderson_florenceFlorence Henderson and I saw the same website for the first time this morning. The Wesson Oil website (www.wessonoil.com) has posted commercials from the ’70s and ’80s that feature Florence preparing peanut butter, jelly muffins, carrot-cranberry bread, and citrus-ginger stir-fry with canola oil. Henderson was the spokesperson for Wesson Oil for 21 years but said she receives no royalties for these repeats –just as she receives no residuals for the hundreds (maybe thousands) of times “The Brady Bunch” has aired around the world. And, she says, people still refer to her as “Miss Wesson-ality” because of her parody of the Johnny Mercer tune “Personality,” which she sang regularly on the Wesson commercials. She’s checked with SAG and sadly says there’s no recouping any payments. But there is a bright light; The Wesson parent company wants Henderson to again sell Wesson to the public and they’ve inked her to wing to Chicago to host a satellite media tour extolling the benefits of canola oil. “I know it’s good for you,” she adds. “They’re paying me a ton of money.” Furthermore, she will ask Wesson to become a sponsor on ‘The Florence Henderson Show’ on Retirement Living TV, which airs on Direct TV’s Channel 364. She’ll tape a new set of shows (on the former ‘I Love Lucy’ stage) — having already completed 70. The effervescent Henderson loves doing the show and it shows.