Nationaltreasure2“National Treasure: Book of Secrets” went back before the cameras this past Sunday to add scenes to already-filmed sequences in South Dakota. Beverly Hills’ Coldwater Canyon doubled for the distant location. So why did production resume on a Sunday? The principal cast was needed — including Nicolas Cage, Helen Mirren, Jon Voight and Ed Harris. Harris is directing his own film, “Appaloosa,” in New Mexico, and could only be away from the production for one day. Thus, the “Treasure” group agreed to reunite for director Jon Turtletaub’s Sunday shoot. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was also on hand to cheer his cast on. Voight, who returns as Mirren’s husband in the sequel, called the day “a wonderful reunion.” The film is set for release on December 21. Mirren next plays Joe Pesci’s wife in “Love Ranch,” directed by husband Taylor Hackford. The 1970s, Reno-set story will be filmed in Albuquerque in order to take advantage of New Mexico’s tax incentives. Oscar-winner Hackford, who laughingly notes, “I’m back with a vengeance,” segues from the film to the Broadway musical “Leap Of Faith,” which may star Raul Esparza, with whom Hackford coincidentally talked after Esparza performed at last Saturday’s MPTF fundraiser “Hollywood Loves Broadway.”