Sullivan“If You Could See What I Hear” is the title of the 1982 biopic of Tom Sullivan’s life — and he brought it to life on the stage of the BevHills Hotel’s Crystal Room. The event was the Discovery Eye Foundation’s “Night For Discovery.” And the blind Sullivan transported the audience into his world in song and words — and his dramatic biofilm.

There was never any doubt that blindness was conquered by Sullivan — in a scene skiing with his daughter, for instance. But what about the millions of other blind in the world? That’s the reason for the existence of the Discovery Eye Foundation. Progress in stem cell research was among the encouragements offered during the gala night which raised over $250,000 for the Foundation.

Honorees were Iris Cantor, James Mazzo and Anthony Nesburn. Stefanie Powers sang as a tribute to her friend Iris K. and the honorees. The Honorary Dinner Committee boasted: Barbra Streisand and Jim Brolin, Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer, Dorothy Factor, Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, and Lili and Richard Zanuck. Jack Schoellerman, DEF Board Chairman, MC’d.

Sullivan’s words left their mark on the audience: “Loss of vision is the most traumatic thing that can happen to a  person.”  But guests departed with  Sullivan’s encouragement: “Miracles are possible.” They make them possible at the Discovery Eye Foundation.