1967: D. Zanuck returns to Fox lot

Father and son take tour of 20th Century

From the Army Archerd Archive

Aug. 17, 1967

GOOD MORNING: “This was the western street,” Darryl Zanuck noted to Richard Z. as they entered the Century Plaza hotel to meet 20th toppers. Zanuck, fils, took his father on a tour of the newly painted, and stage-expanded lot; they viewed all the new product together. And the pride was mutual … “It was a little sentimental,” Richard Z. admitted, “to see him on the lot after five years” … Darryl Z’s office was never used by anyone during his absence. It was dusted nightly and kept as he left it. The only change made on his return — replace the calendar pad on his desk. It was five years old … (2007 update: Richard Zanuck tells me, “I have a fond memory of that day and those days –and sometimes I yearn for them.” He recalled, “Darryl took over the company after the debacle of ‘Cleopatra’ and came back to protect his ‘Longest Day’. He made an impassioned speech for two hours — before the 20th board (meeting at the hotel). And once he became president of the company, he put me in charge and went back to France. He never came back after that.” Darryl Zanuck died Dec. 22, 1979. Richard Zanuck continues to produce. This week he began production in L.A. on “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey. Peyton Reed directs. Zanuck recently wound “Sweeney Todd” in England with Johnny Depp directed by Tim Burton. “It is everyone at its best,” promises Zanuck. “Sweeney Todd” bows Dec. 21. Zanuck and longtime partner (friend) David Brown (92) talk every day of future projects.)