TCA: ‘Sleeper’ awake from slumber?


SleepercellTerrorism ebbs and flows, and so might the return of Showtime’s canceled series “Sleeper Cell.”

Net’s highly touted drama about a team of terrorists inside the United States wasn’t renewed after two seasons, despite an Emmy, Golden Globe and TCA nomination for best miniseries. When asked at the TCA panel on Saturday afternoon if the show has a chance of returning, topper Robert Greenblatt said he would consider “revisiting the show down the road.”

Greenblatt said he could see the show coming back in the vein of the popular Helen Mirren series “Prime Suspect,” where it would return every few years as a movie. Problem is, the actors aren’t on hold and that might make reunions tough.

Season one debuted in December 2005 with 10 episodes while the second season was whittled down to eight.

— Stuart Levine