TCA: “Big Bang Theory” not that ’70s show


BbtheoryChuck Lorre didn’t even own a TV in the 1970s, so any similarities between his new CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” and the swinging late ’70s icon “Three’s Company” are completely coincidental. Really, Lorre insists.

Lorre, co-executive producer Bill Prady and the cast of “Big Bang” seemed a little taken aback to find themselves in the unexpected position of being asked to compare and contrast their program to that of Jack, Janet and Chrissy during the “Big Bang” TCA sesh on Wednesday.

Tops on the list: Three decades after Suzanne Somers redefined the role of the dumb blonde on “Three’s,” is it possible that Kaley Cuoco’s Penny (pretty small-town gal befriended by two neighbors who are Caltech physicists) is … dumberer? (Pictured from left, “Big Bang” stars Jim Parsons, Cuoco, Johnny Galecki)

No way, said Lorre.