TCA: “Battlestar Galatica” minisodes on the way from Sci Fi

Battlestaradama_3To your Web battle stations, “Battlestar Galactica” fans. Sci Fi Channel confirmed Sunday during its TCA sesh that it will launch an eight-week series of Web mini-sodes leading in to the rest of the series’ fourth and final season. The two-to-three minute shorts are set to bow in October as a preamble to the Nov. 24 debut of “Battlestar Galactica: Razor,” described as a special extended seg that will lay the foundation for the events that take place in the second half of mothership “Galactica” season. Can’t say I’m a rabid fan of the new-model “Galactica” (one of these days I will catch up with it on DVD and see what all the buzz is about, if for no other reason than I’ve Battlestarcain_3 always loved Edward James Olmos) so I’m gonna defer to the Sci Fi press verbiage describe what exactly goes on in the minisodes and “Razor”:

These shorts will provide a sneak peek into the original Cylon War, when a young pilot named William Adama (Nico Cortez) discovers a dangerous Cylon weapon that will come back to haunt him and his crew 40 years later. Filmed as part of the extended episode, the mini-sodes will be included in the unrated Universal Home Video release of Razor. They will also be available on SCIFI.COM after their on-air debuts. Battlestar Galactica: Razor will tell the story of Lee Adama’s (Jamie Bamber, pictured above left) first mission as commander of the Battlestar Pegasus and will reveal the story of how Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes, pictured right) served her ship during the original Cylon attack on the Colonies.

Sounds like good fun for the fans.