Strike plans: Here’s hoping they’re not needed

Davidletterman1988A writers strike could ruin your whole day. Or night.

My hard-working Variety colleagues spent all day Tuesday turning over rocks and looking into every aspect of what a scribe work stoppage would mean for this town, and none of it is good. TV editors Joe Adalian and Michael Schneider did a fine job of explaining how quickly a strike would KO our favorite latenight companions — read their reportage by clicking here, and check out the rest of Variety’s team coverage by clicking here.

Speaking of our fave latenight companions, here’s a look at what David Letterman looked like the last time the WGA went out. While some part of Letterman might want to turn back the clock to those lazy-hazy days of July 1988 when this pic was snapped (actually, he seems so happy these days as little Harry’s proud papa I’ll be he wouldn’t go back for nothin’), fans of quality television do not want to be deprived of our daily and weekly fixes of our fave primetime raves. (No more visits to “The Office,” a dimming of “Friday Night Lights,” a busted “Big Bang Theory,” losing “Lost” in midstream, uprooted “Pushing Daisies,” etc.)

So here’s to hoping the federal mediator or somebody can bring about a meeting of the minds in the ultimate writers’ room this week.

(Letterman pic by Ron Galella/WireImage)