So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night?

Now that premiere week is complete, it’s time to start thinking about the next important step of the fall season — the first cancellation. Yes there are still five new scripted shows debuting this week and another three later this month but with some shows already having aired two episodes, a clearer picture is emerging.

We’ve had only two shows bow to the kind of numbers that conjure up hopes of “hit” status — “Bionic Woman” and “Private Practice.” Everything else could best be called so-so. Shows that have aired twice have so far dropped off a bit week to week.

One show has to be the first to go. It’s inevitable. Of course before we get to the first “official” cancellation, there will be a couple statements from networks about shows “going on hiatus” or “being given a rest” or getting “pulled from the schedule for retooling” or any other number of euphamisms.


Nash1_2The season has already had one reality entry, Fox’s “Nashville,” fall by the wayside after just two airings (pictured right).

The question Season Pass poses to our readers is this: What do you think will be the first new show to die an early death? And we mean a dead-and-buried, won’t see the light of day on broadcast again cancellation.

Our guesses, based on personal taste, ratings performance (where applicable), scheduling and plain old gut feeling: three for “Moonlight”; two for “Carpoolers”; one each for “Cavemen,” “Cane,” “K-Ville” and “Women’s Murder Club.”

We’d love to hear from our readers. What do you think will be the first Nielsen casualty?

— Kathy Lyford