“Private Practice,” “Bionic Woman” are TiVo’s most wanted

PrivpracticetivoWhat’er the only two new shows to crack TiVo’s top 50 Season Pass (no relation) rankings?

Surprise, surprise: “Private Practice” and “Bionic Woman.” ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff “Practice” (pictured left) ranks No. 18 on TiVo’s ranking of most its most popular Season Pass settings, in which the whiz-bang DVR grabs all original segs of a designated series.”Bionic” (pictured below) ranks No. 43 on the list.

TiVo’s Season Pass top 10, not surprisingly, closely corresponds to the Nielsen top 10: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,” “House,” “Lost,” “CSI,” “Heroes,” “American Idol,” “24,” “The Office” and “CSI: Miami.” Pretty sad to see only one comedy on the list; god bless “The Office.”

A little surprising to see ABC’s big buzz show “Pushing Daisies” not make the top 100, particularly after Bionicisaiah last night’s solid preem. NBC’s “Journeyman” ranks head-scratchingly high at No. 54, followed by ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” (No. 55); Fox’s “Back to You” (No. 65); CBS’ “Cane” (No. 70); NBC’s “Chuck” (No. 75); PBS’ Ken Burns mini “The War” (No. 76); CBS’ “Kid Nation” (No. 89); and ABC’s “Big Shots” (No. 95).

Last fall the only newcomer to crack the top 50 was NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” and we all know what happened there…

–Cynthia Littleton