“John from Cincinnati”: Clues in the PSAs?

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen “His Visit, Day Eight” (episode 9) of HBO’s “John from Jfcwetbruce_2 Cincinnati”

OK, so I know these “John from Cincinnati” faux PSAs featuring Bruce Greenwood’s moody Mitch Yost (pictured right) pitching for a San Diego County coastal cleanup initiative have been around for a while. But I just found a link to one of them while reading Steve Hawk’s insightful blog on the “John” home page on the HBO.com site.

Mitch references his past experience in doing the “PSAs for the Tijuana Sloughs” very briefly amid the big Mitch-and-Cissy reconciliation brawl scene as they come to grips with the realization that Shaunie ain’t in his room anymore. And like everything else with “John,” these PSAs are full of clues, of course. It’s hard to tell exactly where these purported PSAs fall in the Yost family time line, but by the looks of Mitch in them they can’t be more than five to eight years old, max. And in them Mitch clearly states that he sees the ocean as “my church” — which explains a lot of things, right? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta? Oh, but what about those darn stick figures!!

“You wouldn’t want somebody dumping sewage in your church…would you?” Mitch intones in the PSAs. Hawk’s blog links to one posted in all sincerity on the web page of the enviro-centric nonprofit group Wildcoast (See for yourself by clicking here.)

Wildcoast is based in Imperial Beach and smartly forged a partnership with “John” once David Milch, Kem Nunn and their merry band of drama-pranksters hit town to begin shooting one of the strangest TV series ever to grace the mainstream smallscreen. There are at least two more PSAs to be found on our national bulletin board, YouTube:

We “John from Cincinnati” acolytes may be a small group but we’re….devoted. As of this writing (Monday, shortly after 6 p.m. PT), there are 144 hours and counting until the “John” season (series?) finale.