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(This post updated Monday evening, after thinking more about all that Mr. Milch had to say this a.m.)

“Each character has the opportunity to generate God by his or her behavior. All of us are the mother and father of God, to the extent we accept the limits of our humanity.”

David Milch, the Oracle of Imperial Beach, the co-creator with Kem Nunn of HBO’s strange and wondrous “John from Cincinnati,” was kind enough to indulge me in a few (but only a few) “what’d that mean” questions this morning as the hangover in the cerebral cortex from last night’s season finale was really settling in. In this viewer’s humble opinion, “JFC” wrapped on a high note — high as the “whoooooos” that Little Richard vocalizes in “Long Tall Sally,” the ecstatic R&B hit that was used to great effect in the final scenes.

The above quote is from Milch in response to my question about the very very last scene of Kai on the water. The shot of Kai expertly turning her body into a wave would’ve seemed to have stood alone, but then just as she turned her face to the camera to show a sly smile came the maddeningly intriguing voice-over from the John character: “Mother of God, Cass-Kai.”

What!? After a second viewing of the episode, I was almost confident in my interpretation of nearly everything else that transpired in the previous 47 minutes — even the pigeon-English scene between the two visiting Hawaiian drug dealers. But that voiceover clip at the very-very end threw me.

I should’ve known better than to think that Milch would’ve talked me through it frame by frame, explaining every syllable. That’s just not how he works. But he was generous enough to give me the above quote as a hint as to what he was getting at with that “mother of God” business.

(Pictured above: Milch in the center of a crowd scene from the “JFC” finale seg.)