Jeremy Piven: For the record, I’m…

JeremypivenJeremy Piven, supporting comedy actor winner for the second year in a row for HBO’s “Entourage,” was feelin’ sweet backstage (kinda like the Ari Gold aw shucks moment in most “Entourage” segs), expanding on his remarks about how much his parents, the late Byrne Piven and Joyce Hiller Piven, influenced his life with the “corner theater” they ran in Chicago, in which he grew up steeped in a life of trodding the boards.

“He’s a man who worked his entire life to find a brilliant role, and his last role was “King Lear” so he found it,” Piven said of his dad. Piven noted that his mother was busy directing a play in Chicago so she turned him down as his date for the Emmys for a fifth time in a row.

“And for the record, I’m straight. I’m the only straight man to bring his mother four times and now his sister. You can look it up.”

Back to the serious side, Piven noted when pressed on the “what does it all mean to you, Jeremy” question, especially being a back to back win. “For a guy from Chicago, the dream for me was getting on stage in Chicago, not being celebrated like this. So I’m having an other-worldly experience.”