Isaiah Washington and Kristen Bell, a study in contrasts

Washington First of all, he gets no points for originality. Isaiah Washington, the loose-lipped ex-“Grey’s Anatomy” co-star, makes himself look like even more of a jerk after receiving the news that Dr. Preston Burke’s services are no longer needed at Seattle Grace. It’s true that it did seem like he’d crisis-managed his way through the storm after the dust-up earlier this year over his anti-gay remarks. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” Washington says in a statement, as Variety’s Stuart Levine reports. I couldn’t help but Bell_2 note the contrast to Washington’s fussy fit in this AP story on Kristen Bell deals with the CW’s cancellation of “Veronica Mars” in the classiest way possible, not by bashing the network or pointing fingers but by noting how much she’ll miss the character and her co-workers. “It feels sort of like graduating high school. You really only recognize how special it was once it’s gone away,” Bell tells the AP. Seems the doctor could take a lesson from the girl gumshoe.