Interpreting the ticky-tacky of the “Weeds” theme

RandynewmanIt was those first strains of “Little Boxes” that made me sit up and take notice the first time I popped in the screener disc for “Weeds” a few years back. On that first viewing, however, I would’ve gone down for the count on final “Jeopardy” betting that it was a recording by Odetta sted Malvina Reynolds.
“Weeds” had fun with its distinctive theme last season by lining up a roster of intriguing artists to put their spin on it, and in the upcoming third season they’re doing the same, cuing a different artist for each of the 15 segs that unspool as of Aug. 13. The roster includes Joan Baez, Donovan, the Individuals, Angelique Kidjo, Latin rockers Kinky, Man Man, Billy Bob Thornton, the Shins and Persephone’s Bees. Randy Newman (pictured above), an artist seasoned enough to remember the folk scene that produced Reynold’s original 1962 recording, kicks it off with the Aug. 13 premiere. It’ll be fun to catch up with Nancy and the Agrestic gang next month.