Hugh Laurie not in the ‘House’

Actor leaves Los Angeles for U.K.

Hugh Laurie should be on the set of “House” today –but he won’t be.

With little advanced notice, Laurie left Los Angeles for the U.K. Thursday night. That immediately started buzz that something was going on — perhaps Laurie was unhappy?

“Hugh had family obligations in England to attend to, but production is continuing in his absence,” a rep for show producer Universal Media Studios said, adding that, per producers, Laurie “asked for time off and they were happy to facilitate it.”

But, as one industry insider noted Thursday, it’s not often that a star of a hit show — who’s in virtually every scene of every episode — decides to just leave in the middle of production. Adding to Thursday’s mystery is that producers of the show were oddly tight-lipped, instantly referring media inquiries to publicists.

In addition, Laurie’s rep, Brandt Joel, just left CAA for Endeavor. As of late Thursday, however, a CAA rep said that Laurie remained a client of the tenpercentery.

Laurie’s publicist said there’s no reason to spin conspiracy theories about Laurie’s absence. She flatly rejected the notion that there’s anything going beyond Laurie needing to take care of family business.

“He’ll be back on the set on Monday,” she said.