Helen Mirren: Dinner with QEII?

Finally, a probing question of an actress that elicited something we really wanted to know.Helenmirren_2

No, Helen Mirren hasn’t met up with Queen Elizabeth in the year since she triumphed on screen with her role as QEII in Miramax’s “The Queen.” But, Mirren did say that she had received a royal invite but had to turn it down because, as befitting a great actress, she couldn’t make it because she was working.

“It was very sad for me; it was probably not so sad for her,” Mirren joked, adding later that she’s not sure if she gets a raincheck or not. “I guess only time will tell.”

Mirren won her Emmy for PBS’ “Prime Suspect: The Final Act,” was a good sport about the obvious non-question thrown at her about ‘Wow you’ve had a good year” after winning the Oscar earlier this year for “Queen.” “I call it my amazing year. I don’t believe in astrology but I’m curious to see what my astrological sign said about this year. ‘You will meet disappointment,’ probably.”