Great profile of Rupert Murdoch in this week’s Time

RupeWow, this is a really good, well-rounded view of Rupert Murdoch — the man, the mogul, the dealmaking machine, by Time magazine’s Eric Pooley. It feels like an objective take on a guy who is unfairly demonized at times, overly lionized at others. It’s clearly Rupe’s PR antidote to the New York Times series that rean earlier this week, and it’s surely a much more interesting read.

“We’re very proud of what we do at all our papers,” (Murdoch) says on another day, in another mood. “And we just feel insulted by the coverage. We’ve got more than 50,000 people [in News Corp.].” We’re sitting in his New York City office on a June afternoon. “We make mistakes here and there. But there’s nothing wrong with the Post — most people would prefer to read it before they go to the Times. There’s such a thing as a popular newspaper and an unpopular élite newspaper. They play different roles. We have both kinds. Just like we have the Fox network with American Idol and 24, and we also have the National Geographic Channel. It’s hard for outsiders to understand that.”