Ganeless gains at Comedy Central

MicheleganelessCongrats to Michele Ganeless, who’s been upped to prexy of Comedy Central, making her the first femme prexy in the cabler’s illustrious 16-year history. Like every other exec in TV, Ganeless has a mandate to expand Comedy Central’s footprint in the digital realm, per her boss, MTV Networks Entertainment Group prexy Doug Herzog.

Ganeless is on her third tour of duty at the channel, having worked there in the early 1990s, just after its merger with HBO’s erstwhile Ha channel, and again from 1996-2001 when she helped shepherd two of Comedy Central’s most enduring franchises, “The Daily Show” (remember Craig Kilborn?) and “South Park.” She spent the early part of this decade at USA Network, where her path crossed again with Herzog, who had been her boss at Comedy Central, and then again in 2004 when Herzog returned to the Viacom/Comedy Central orbit and so did Ganeless, this time as exec veepee and general manager. Got it? There’ll be a quiz later.