Friday night lights…in Louisiana

ESPN 2 has a series coming up that sounds a whole lot like a real-life spin on “Friday Night Lights.” Judging by this promo (click here and enter the password: heespn07), “Varsity Inc.” is even shot like “FNL.” Six-part skein follows the 2007 pigskin season of the West Monroe Rebels, the high school football heroes of West Monroe High School in football-crazy West Monroe, La., where the Friday night games pack the high school stadium with more people than there are in all of West Monroe, according to ESPN.

Rebels are among top-ranked high school squads in the country, having won six state championships (“State!”) and two national titles since 1993. Series promises to follow the team’s exploits on the gridiron, as well as the players and coaches’ personal trials and tribulations. (Sound familiar, Coach Taylor?)

Series, the first from ESPN’s Content Development unit, hails from producer Jason Sciavicco and his Horizon Entertainment banner, and is penciled in to preem Nov. 29 at 11 p.m. ET, with repeats on the ESPN U channel. ESPN’s also promising more content on its ESPN360.com web platform that fans may want to follow, should the Rebels saga prove as compelling as the fictional drama of “FNL’s” Dillon Panthers.