“Friday Night Lights”: Game on

The premiere most of us here at Season Pass have been salivating for since April is finally here: The return of the vaunted “Friday Night Lights.” We’ve all seen episode one and most of us have also viewed episodes two and three and are dying to dish about it. (Note: spoilers after the jump.)


Kathy: To loyal viewers, the premiere will feel familiar initially, will break their hearts just a little in the middle and then may shock them with its ending. But I urge everyone, especially new viewers, to give the show three episodes before passing judgment. Trust in the writers to continue to deliver the goods. I’ll admit the twist felt wrong and untrue to the characters involved, but it would take a lot more than this misstep — if you want to call it that — to sway me from the belief that this remains television’s best drama, by miles. By episode three everything was back on track for me and I can’t wait for the rest of the season — God, viewership and network executives willing.

Stu: Don’t forget that some of the show’s best storylines have developed after life-changing incidents, specifically Jason Street’s paralysis in the pilot. I’m OK with big plot developments, knowing that they come from a group (Katims and his writing team) who wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the integrity of the show.