Jon Stewart Asked to Host Oscars, Turns Into Real Boy

Some Emmy tidbits I really should have written up Sunday night before going off to parties:

DavidchasemirrenConsistency, thy name is David Chase. “It’s open to interpretation,” the “Sopranos” creator said backstage at the Emmys when asked, inevitably and more than once, about the series’ famed blackout finale. In a convoluted way, after being pressed by multiple questioners, Chase seemed to say that he knew in his mind what happened to the family, but he had no intention of sharing it with the intimate room full 200 or so reporters. Chase did say that he’d had the notion to take the show out in the way that he did for a long time….

Earlier in the night Alan Taylor told us backstage scribblers that Chase was pleased by the fact that even members of “Sopranos'” production crew debated what the finale really meant. Chase wanted it to be something people would chew over and talk about, Taylor said…Tonysiricocrop

And as for the Emmy snub of James Gandolfini after the tour de force he turned in? Paulie Walnuts had his back, backstage on Sunday. “I think it was a shame. He should’ve won tonight…but we won all around (for drama series),” Tony Sirico (pictured right) said. “We’ve been honored. I speak for Jimmy when I say he can handle it.” …..

America Ferrera was such a doll in the backstage quip room. She displayed her usual humility and gratitude for the career-making break that “Ugly BettyAmericaferrera has been for her. And she’s happy that her star turn has come on a show that is light and frothy on the outside but meaningful on the inside, where it counts, by challenging the conventional notions of beauty and body image for women.
“It’s fun and it’s funny and entertaining and I feel so incredibly blessed,” Ferrera said. “To be acknowledged for it, to know peep are watching it and enjoying it — it’s just a dream for me. This is what I have wanted to do since I was 5 years old. It just reassures me in the power of dreaming. Now I can set my (career) heights even higher.” And she was channeling the self-assured Betty Suarez when a questioner tried to pry into her love life. “I don’t talk about my personal life. Thank you,” she said in a Betty-esque polite-but-firm tone….

Don’t ask Terry O’Quinn what’s going on in “Lost” in its upcoming fourth season, because he doesn’t Terryoquinn know. Is John Locke really Jacob? Is he going to somehow kill Jack? Will he ever get near a shower again? I’m telling ya, don’t ask because Quinn doesn’t know. (And no, winning an Emmy doesn’t entitle him to a few free plot points.) Backstage after his win for supporting drama actor, Locke showed off his hot pink shirt and black tie with glittery rhinestones. When asked, Quinn admitted that early on in the show’s run he would go on the Internet to see what the fans were speculating about the Deeper Meaning of it all and where the castaways were headed. But not any more. “I’m sated,” he said….

SallyfieldbackstageSally Field was feeling strong, confident and not ready to suffer any cliches on Sunday. She made fast work of a question about actresses of a certain (out-of-the-demo) age enjoying a renaissance on cable (“The Closer,” “Damages,” “Saving Grace,” etc.) and why aren’t there better roles for women in features and blah blah blah….”I don’t listen to any of that stuff. You guys are the ones who are listening to that,” Field shot back.

Where fore art thou, Oscar? Jon Stewart had a cheeky response for the Jonstewart reporter who just had to know what it meant to him to be asked to host the Academy Awards a second time. “Whatever emotional hole I had in my soul vanished at that moment and I was complete,” he deadpanned. “That’s why I decided to do it.”…

And thus brings to a close this inaugural edition of live blogging at the Emmys. I’d be remiss without giving a special thank you to the shooters of WireImage, who moved Emmy photos lickity-split last night and thus livened up this blog considerably. Honorable mentions go out to Steve Granitz, Jeffrey Mayer, John Shearer, Jeff Vespa and Todd Williamson.