Ever since “Beverly Hills, 90210” introduced the Peach Pit After Dark, primetime sudsers have made a habit of introducing fake performance spaces into their plotlines. It’s a good way to give characters a new place to hang out— andCanepic it lets you book musical guest stars in a bid to goose the ratings. “Melrose Place” had its Upstairs Jazz Club (lame), while more recently, “The O.C.”gang caught moody acts such as the Walkmen and Modest Mouse at the Bait Shop (cool).

Usually, shows wait until at least their second season before playing the nightclub card. But CBS’ “Cane” — which has been a surprisingly slow starter in the ratings — isn’t waiting. It’s about to introduce Club Duque, the brainchild of Henry Duque (Eddie Matos).

Among the guest acts slated to perform in coming weeks: Alicia Keys, the ubiquitous Will.I.Am (pictured left), Daddy Yankee and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. If ratings for “Cane” don’t improve soon, however, you might have to catch these cameos on CBS.com….

Speaking of the Eye’s website, the network has posted a tour of Club Duque here.

— Josef Adalian