Betty White, the first lady of television

BwhiteCan’t pass up an opportunity to post a great pic of Betty White. She’s the subject of one of PBS’ “Pioneers of Television” docus set to air in the winter and spring ’08 on the pubcaster. I did a lengthy sit-down with Betty in 2000 when she was marking her 50th year in television, and I can confirm that she is as lovely, gracious, funny and sharp as you’d hope Betty White would be. She’s only piled up about 25 credits since then, from voice-over work on “King of the Hill” to semi-regular stints on “That ’70s Show” and “Boston Legal” and now the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Once her career got going in the early-early 1950s, when she was on the air live for five hours on weekday mornings, spinning records, riffing on the day’s news and generally shooting the breeze on KLAC-TV (better known today as KCOP-TV Los Angeles), Betty has never stopped. She’s an inspiration; we should all be in such good shape if we’re fortunate enough to see our 85th birthdays (as Betty did on Jan. 22). To me she’s not just a pioneer of television, she’s the reigning first lady of television.