Betty White on “Ugly Betty”: What could be better?

Bettywhite_2Whoo-hoo, it’s a collision of two things I love: Betty White and “Ugly Betty.”

The indefatigable Ms. White has booked a guest shot on the ABC dramedy, playing herself. Seg that begins filming next week finds Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina (or Wilhel-MEAN-a, more accurately) trying to change her image as a nasty you-know-what, but she’s dealt a setback when she’s caught on a cellphone vid manhandling an older woman to snare a cab. The victim happens to be none other than America’s Beloved Betty White…and really, what else do you need for a set up?

I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again: I adore Betty White. She stands for all that is good and fun in our business, and we know she’s kind to animals. She can’t be on the smallscreen too much for my liking. Go Betty, and “Betty”!

(Pictured above: Betty White gets into the spirit of shopping for free stuff at the Daytime Emmys gifting suite in June. Pic by Jesse Grant/WireImage.)