BERLIN — Former DeAngelis Group exec Jonas Bauer has joined the management of Munich-based Tandem Communications.

Bauer has had close ties with the production and distribution company, having worked in the past with Tandem toppers Rola Bauer and Tim Halkin as an affiliated producer and sales agent for the Italian and Spanish markets.

“Jonas played a key role in helping us secure international rights for the CBS miniseries ‘The Hades Factor’ and Ridley Scott’s miniseries for Turner Network, ‘The Company,’ ” said Rola Bauer. “His years of experience as a producer in the international co-production arena have opened many important doors to him both in Europe and in Los Angeles, which further builds Tandem’s profile.”

Prior to joining Tandem, Bauer headed international production at the Rome-based DeAngelis Group, where he was responsible for international financing, production and distribution. While there, he put together financing for over a dozen projects, including the miniseries “Julius Caesar” for TNT and Germany’s ARD. as well as “Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor” — which starred Aidan Quinn as the infamous traitor and Kelsey Grammer as George Washington — for A&E.

Bauer’s first foray into TV production began in 1995 when he joined the Kirch Group, where he worked for former Kirch production chief Jan Mojto in English-language co-productions.

Tandem is currently partnering with Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Muse Entertainment on “Impact,” a $13 million miniseries about a massive meteor that hits the moon and knocks it on to a collision course with Earth.