30_rock_1025Wow. Alec Baldwin got quite the head start on his 2008 Emmy clip reel with an outrageous scene as Jack Donaghy at the end of NBC’s “30 Rock” on Thursday.

Having convinced Tracy (Tracy Morgan) that he needs to see a therapist to work through issues of being abandoned by his father, Jack then gets involved in the therapist’s role-playing session — and quickly takes on not only the role of Tracy’s father, but Tracy’s mother, Tracy himself, “the white dude that my moms left my dad for” and upstairs neighbor Mrs. Rodriguez. 

“You know, it’s too bad you didn’t know Howard Cosell growing up, because I had that one in my pocket the whole time,” Jack concludes with triumphant pleasure.

Everyone takes a hit as far as stereotypes go, which the therapist’s attempted interventions indicate that the show is fully aware of. With that caveat, enjoy the scene, which can be found 14 minutes into the episode.

— Jon Weisman