Wedding takes cake

'License to Wed' premieres in L.A.

Weddings and premieres could be cousins. Both are big glitzy affairs, take months of planning, and the hosts focus on the main event while the guests eagerly await the food. Monday night’s “License to Wed” bow at the Pacific Cinerama Dome proved to be both. Pic unspooled to a packed house followed by a Jamaican destination wedding-themed bash on the ArcLight parking garage’s rooftop. A faux bride and groom played host for the evening, greeting guests and waltzing on the dance floor, while pic’s Mandy Moore and Christine Taylor chatted with Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal and David Crosby.

Film’s John Krasinski filled in as the nervous groom, declaring his first premiere as a bigscreen star “Terrifying, what a terrifying experience to watch that.”

Luckily, having Robin Williams on set made filming less nerve-wracking for the thesp. “I mean Robin is just — he’s the funniest man on Earth, isn’t he? I know that’s a tough award to give out, but he takes the cake. I think there’s not a lot you can learn from him comedically, only because you can’t do it as well as he does.”

So did Williams offer Krasinski any advice? “No, none at all. He’s got a lot of chops. He was doing this and ‘The Office’ and directing (‘Brief Interviews With Hideous Men’) afterwards, so I don’t think he needs any pointers. Not even guidance,” Williams said.