Stars salute AFI

Celebrities introduce Arclight screenings

HOLLYWOOD — At the Target presents AFI’s 40th anniversary screenings Oct. 3, 10 of Hollywood’s biggest stars gathered at the Arclight Theaters to introduce one of their classic films.

In one theater, Warren Beatty was his characteristic evasive self as he introduced 1967’s “Bonnie and Clyde.” “One thing I really don’t do is talk about the specifics of a movie,” he said, admitting that he has a tendency to embellish anecdotes from his past.

Nearby, George Lucas received thunderous applause as he took the podium to introduce “Star Wars.” “They said I should say a few words about the making of this movie and how much fun it was. I have nothing to say about that,” quipped Lucas. “It was a low-budget movie. I was reaching for the stars, but only had enough money to get to Cleveland.”

Before showing “Unforgiven,” Clint Eastwood recalled how in 1981 he read the script but felt he needed to be a bit older to play the character so he put it in a drawer. “Then all of a sudden, in about 1990, I realized I still have this script in the drawer,” he said. “I thought I better take it out before I get too old to do it.”