‘Rendition’ is talk of the town

Political drama opens in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD — For a film with a title that sounded, according to director Gavin Hood, like a musical, “Rendition” was anything but.

“This film suggests our country is living a vile hypocrisy,” said New Line topper Bob Shaye before the pic unspooled at the Oct. 10 Academy preem. “And it asks the question: How do you coerce the truth from the guilty and protect the innocent?”

Though there are better ways to set up a party’s mood than first seeing a film about torture, the post-screening affair in the lobby was upbeat nonetheless.

Producer Steve Golin said the pic also had to function as entertainment: “This film should stimulate dialogue, not preach to the choir.”

And while Hood asserted he wanted to create “an emotional cinematic experience,” he also wanted to get people talking. “If we’re going to chip away at the protections in the Constitution,” the helmer said, “it should happen only after a vigorous national debate.”