Old-fashioned Hollywood ‘Lust’

Audience goes wild for Wang Lee-Hom

HOLLYWOOD — One indication of what a hit “Lust, Caution” has been with Asian auds was the throng of Chinese fans screaming and waving posters outside the Academy theater’s Oct. 3 preem.

Granted, most of the attention was for co-star Wang Lee-Hom (“the Justin Timberlake of China,” in one publicist’s words) but it was also a sign of the “cultural phenomena,” in Focus topper James Schamus‘ words, that the pic has been in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Focus would obviously like some of the Asian fervor to accompany the U.S. release, and Schamus, who also co-wrote, said, “Though the film is totally Chinese, it’s actually the most old-fashioned Hollywood movie you’ll get to see this year. This is a film completely dedicated to the Hollywood system bringing it back home.”