Fossils fuel ‘Museum’ DVD bow

T.Rex makes the rounds at disc premiere

HOLLYWOOD — Rexy, the T. Rex fossil prop from “Night at the Museum,” arrived in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night — just in time to get the DVD launch party started.

Jane Pisano, president and director of the Museum of Natural History, welcomed Rexy after a 4,000 mile cross country-tour. He will now join the movie’s costume and props exhibition, which runs through fall.

Pic’s Mickey Rooney, Bill Cobbs, Patrick Gallagher, Jake Cherry and Fox’s Steve Feldstein were among the partygoers roaming the cavernous halls and admiring the much larger T. Rex on permanent display.

Museum staffers credit the movie for a 12% uptick in attendance numbers since its release.

Do the museum’s exhibits really come to life at night? Guests were invited to a “Night at the Museum” sleepover Friday to find out for themselves.