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Dress like Kate: Topshop at Barneys

This reporter goes undercover to get the scoop.

You don’t need to be a size 0 or date a gent who looks like he just fell out of an oak tree to emulate the ever stylish Kate Moss. The super model’s new collection of shirts, dresses, shoes and sunglasses for Topshop in London hits Barneys tomorrow. I just called the Bev Hills location and went all undercover with a salesgirl to get the inside story:

Me: Is the Kate Moss stuff available yet?

Barneys: Not until 10:00 tomorrow.

Me: How does it look? Not cheap, I hope.

Barneys: There’s one rhinestone shirt that looks kind of tacky, but the asymmetrical purple chiffon dress and the shirt with the crawfish are both really gorgeous.

Me: What else is good? I need details because I have a bad limp and I need to know what to buy as soon as I arrive.

Barneys: Oh no. Well, the black skinny jeans are cool. I also like the pansy floral dress.

Me: More! I am handicapped, for God’s sake.

Barneys: Okay. There’s also a metallic tunic that ties in back. I would go for that.

Me: Thanks. Do you have a lot of sizes?

Barneys: Not sure. The associates are not allowed to pull until tomorrow. I don’t think we have that much merchandise, so I would get here right at 10. We have been getting a lot of calls.

Me: Can you put aside some stuff for me and my bad leg?

Barneys: Sorry, no.

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