‘Bee Movie’ gets a honey of a preem

Kids take in Jerry Seinfeld's animated film

DreamWorks Animation set out to create some buzz, and if the kids were any indication, it at least partly succeeded.

Hundreds of tots in full bee regalia joined their parents, including James Gandolfini, Darrell Hammond and Tina Fey, for Thursday’s Gotham preem of “Bee Movie” at AMC Loews Lincoln Square. Some kids saw their antennae wilt waiting 20 minutes for the pic to unspool but were redeemed by the mercifully short — and funny — intro from Jerry Seinfeld.

DreamWorks has spent the better part of six months marketing the pic, which it dearly hopes will cross over into parentland.

“I think Jerry has made a film that works in a way that ‘Shrek’ works for all ages,” said DreamWorks topper Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Judging from the reaction of the crowd, Seinfeld has the kindergarten demo down pat. “Having Jerry in the trenches with us every day, we had a touchstone to his comedy,” said co-director Simon J. Smith. “It was a huge advantage.”