Henry Winkler, TV legend who stars in “Berkeley” out Oct. 12.

Book I’m reading: “The Secret Servant” by Daniel Silva

Total number of books I own: Over 500

Three books that mean a lot to me:
“The Alienist” by Caleb Carr
“The Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel
“The Fourth Way” by P.D. Ouspensky

Last film I saw:
“Eastern Promises,” directed by David Cronenberg

Three films that mean a lot to me:
“Rebel Without a Cause,” directed by Nicholas Ray
“Inherit the Wind,” directed by Stanley Kramer
“City of God,” directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund

Who do you think was the brightest star of the silver screen?
Cary Grant

Who do you look to for inspiration?
My family

Song currently playing in my iPod:
“Not Ready to Make Nice,” Dixie Chicks

Three songs that mean a lot to me:
“Runaway,” Del Shannon
“In the Wee Small Hours,” Frank Sinatra
“Grace,” The Irish Tenors

Concert that changed your life:
The Born in the USA tour by Bruce Springsteen

Guilty pleasures
* TV:
* Film:
“Superbad,” directed by Greg Mottola
* Reading material:
“Hank Zipzer, the World’s Greatest Underachiever”
* Web sites:www.clarkandmichael.com
* YouTube video:The King of Central Park

What’s the biggest upside of the Internet and what is its biggest downside?
Upside – information
Downside – theft

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into your profession?

What helps you get out of bed in the morning?:
I love my job

Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
Lee Grant

What’s more dangerous: a mountain lion or a bitter ex?
A bitter ex

If you were alone in your house one night and you saw a ghost, who ya gonna call?
Jack Bauer from “24”

Would you rather see a Lakers game next to Jack Nicholson or a Knicks game next to Spike Lee?
Lakers Game

What is the single worst purchase you’ve made in the past year?
A plastic gizmo used to keep the phone cord untangled

Five people who I’d like to see answer this survey:
Condoleezza Rice
Roger Birnbaum
Anthony Hopkins
Garry Marshall
Keith Olbermann