Argentinean producers Cris Morena Group and RGB Entertainment are in negotiations to sell the format rights of two telenovelas to Televisa, their latest deals with the Mexican media conglom.

The negotiations, which are expected to close in a week or so, involve “Casi angeles” (Teen Angels) and “B&B,” a person close to the proceedings said.

A teen adventure tale, “Angels” is airing to strong numbers on Telefe in Buenos Aires and has sold in tape version to more than 35 territories. “B&B,” a musical sitcom that went into production in September, will star Romina Yan and Damian de Santo, the duo of Cris Morena and RGB’s romantic comedy “Amor mio” (Loony Love) that Televisa has remade.

After a hot start with “Loony” in 2006, Televisa ordered an extra 80 episodes of the half-hour daily.

Like “Loony,” “B&B” likely will be shot in Buenos Aires for Televisa, the insider said.

Televisa also has remade Cris Morena and RGB’s Cinderella-like “Floricienta” (Flinderella) and “Rebelde way” (The Rebels), about pupils who form a band at a private school. And it has picked up remake rights for “Sos mi vida” (You Are the One), an original production of Pol-ka in Buenos Aires.

Mexico’s TV Azteca has remade hard-hitting revenge novela “Montecristo,” produced by Telefe.