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Saturday, May 19, 2007

 Morning 08:00 am 09:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm
 Afternoon 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm
 Evening 6:00 pm 7:00 pm 8:00 pm 9:00 pm 10pm – 12am


The Weinstein Co., Grand Theatre Lumiere, 111 mins.

In Your Wake
Pyramide Intl., Salle Bunuel, 105 mins.

La route, la nuit
Critics Week, Salle Bunuel, 11 mins.


MK2 Intl., Hilton, 85 mins.


Michou d’auber
Europacorp, Star 4, 128 mins.


Bone Story
Les Films D’Antoine, Gray 1, 5 mins.

Sooner Worldwide, Gray 2, 117 mins.

A Place in the Cinema
Alokatu, Gray 4, 105 mins.

Sooner Worldwide, Arcades 1, 92 mins.

Le rose del deserto
Adriana Chiesa, Arcades 3, 102 mins.

Prisoners of the Sun
Miromar, Gray 3, 16 mins.

Wide Management, Lerins 3, 100 mins.

Hands Off Mississippi
Bavaria Film, Lerins 1, 98 mins.

Promo reels
Europacorp, Star 2, 8 mins.

Imagina, Palais K, 25 mins.

Media Luna, Palais J, 104 mins.

Tokyo Tower — Mom & Me and Sometimes Dad
Nippon Television, Palais I, 142 mins.


P.S. I Love You
(Private screening) Summit, Olympia 2, 115 mins.

Another Gay Movie
Media Luna, Palais H, 92 mins.

Fridthjof Film, Palais F, 12 mins.

By Blood and by Water: A Feature Concept

Bee Movies, Palais E, 17 mins.

The Etruscan Mask
Bankside Films, Palais D, 92 mins.

Heartbeat Detector
Films Distribution, Palais C, 144 mins.

Sogecine & Sogepaq, Palais B, 103 mins.


Mr. Brooks
Element Films, Olympia 4, 120 mins.


Cougar Club
Lightning Entertainment, Gray 1, 93 mins.

Fashion Victim
American Cinema, Gray 3, 93 mins.

Yo soy la Juani
Arclight Films, Palais G, 100 mins.

TF1 Intl., Olympia 5, 100 mins.

Razzle Dazzle
Dreamachine, Olympia 3, 92 mins.

Intimate Enemies
SND/M6, Lerins 2, 105 mins.

The Wooden Box
Kevin Williams Associates, Riviera 1, 112 mins.

Promo reels
Wild Bunch, Wild Bunch, Star 2,

Mulberry Street
Media 8, Palais K, 85 mins.

Zidane’s Dream Team
Star Prodn., Palais F, 75

M for Mother
Farabi, Palais E, 112 mins.

Pathe, Arcades 2, 103 mins.


The Band’s Visit
Bleiberg, Theatre Claude Debussy, 95 mins.

Horses Thieves
Rezo, Miramar, 86 mins.

Madame Tutli-Putli
Critics Week, Miramar, 17 mins.

Festival de Cannes, le Cinema du Monde, 90 mins.

Tout est pardonne
Pyramide Intl., Hilton, 105 mins.

Promo Reel
Second Souffle, Wild Bunch, Star 2


Night Train
MK2, Gray 2, 94 mins.

No Country for Old Men
Miramax Films, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 122 mins.


The Match Factory
Palais J, 89 mins.

High Point Media Group, Palais H, 88 mins.

Promo reels
Agence du Court Metrage, Palais F, 90 mins.

La nina en la piedra
Kevin Williams Associates, Palais D, 104 mins.

In Your Wake
Pyramide, Palais B, 105 mins.

Rosso malpelo
Adriana Chiesa, Arcades 3, 90 mins.

Savage Grace
Dreamachine, Arcades 1, 89 mins.

Lumina, Gray 4, 84 mins.

Citizen Duane
Shoreline, Lerins 3, 90 mins.

Curiosity Kills the Cat
Golden Network, Lerins 1, 100 mins.

The Substitute
Nordisk Film, Star 4, 93 mins.

Just Another Love Story
Nordisk Film, Star 4, 90 mins.

QED Intl., Star 3, 93 mins.


Ruby Blue
Target, Gray 1, 112 mins.

Princess of the Sun
Rezo, Arcades 2, 80 mins.

Nonstop Sales, Gray 3, 90 mins.

Passion of a Maiden
Documentary and Experimental Film Center, Palais E, 92 mins.

How to Cook Your Life
Sola Media/Atrix Films, Riviera 2, 100 mins.

Trapped Ashes
Darclight Films, Palais G, 100 mins.

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
Dreamachine, Olympia 9, 120 mins.

The Condemned
Lionsgate, Olympia 7, 100 mins.

Christmas in New York
Filmauro, Olympia 3, 110 mins.

Home of the Giants
Conquistador, Olympia 2, 92 mins.

The Trap
Bavaria, Olympia 4, 106 mins.

Mid Road Gang
Golden Network, Lerins 2, 95 mins.

La fine del mare
Onoma, Riviera 1, 108 mins.

TF1 Intl., Star 1, 105 mins.

What Would Jesus Buy
Wild Bunch, Star 2, 91 mins.

Elvis and Anabelle
Goldcrest Films, Palais K, 104 mins.

Hotel Very Welcome
Scalpel, Palais I, 90 mins.

Teen Spirit
SND/M6, Palais C, 90 mins.


Missed Call
Festival de Cannes, le Cinema du Monde, 105 mins.

Promo reels
Fortissimo Films, Gray 2, 45 mins.

All In
Artist View, Gray 4, 92 mins.

Sogecine & Sogepaq, Lerins 1, 91 mins.

Terror’s Advocate
Wild Bunch, Star 4, 135 mins.

Padre nuestro
Dreamachine, Star 3, 110 mins.

The Counterfeiters
Beta, Palais J, 98 mins.

Cinemavault, Palais H, 101 mins.

Cinema Extreme Short Films
Lifesize Pictures, Palais F, 115 mins.

Tis Autumn — The Search for Jackie Paris
Outsider Pictures, Palais D, 101 mins.

The Bandage Club
TBS, Arcades 3, 115 mins.

Stuck Together
Gaumont, Arcades 1, 94 mins.


ThinkFilm, Gray 1, 80 mins.

Americanizing Shelley
iDream Independent, Palais I, 92 mins.

Dennis P.
High Point Media, Palais G, 93 mins.

September Dawn
Sooner Worldwide, Olympia 9, 120 mins.

The Fall
(Private screening) Summit, Olympia 8, 117 mins.

7 KM From Jerusalem
Outsider Pictures, Olympia 7, 108 mins.

Shoreline, Olympia 6, 96 mins.

Rezo, Olympia 3, 85 mins.

The Hunting Party
QED Intl., Olympia 2, 96 mins.

Le Ballon Rouge
Films Distribution, Hilton, 36 mins.

Films Distribution, Hilton, 47 mins.

I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal
Cinema Management, Lerins 4, 105 mins.

Sex & Death 101
Arclight, Lerins 2, 100 mins.

With Friends Like These
Flanders Image, Riviera 2, 100 mins.

Anna M.
Films Distribution, Riviera 1, 106 mins.

Arclight, Star 2, 100 mins.

New Films, Star 1, 105 mins.

Shochiku, Palais K, 110 mins.

The Magician
Wonderphil Prods., Gray 3, 126 mins.

Love Conquers All
Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Palais E, 90 mins.

Paradise Murdered
MK Pictures, Palais C, 112 mins.

The Fifth Commandment
Boll, Arcades 2, 90 mins.

Dream of the Night Before
Wild Bunch, Theatre Claude Debussy, 110 mins.


Man of Cinema: Pierre Rissient
Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 115 mins.

Lage raho Munnabhai
Festival de Cannes, le Cinema du Monde, 144 mins.

Rezo, Miramar, 100 mins.


Bling: A Planet Rock
Rive Gauche Films, Gray 2, 85 mins.

Forever Never Anywhere
Austrian Film Commission, Lerins 3, 88 mins.

Arclight Films, Lerins 1, 100 mins.

Boarding Gate
Memento Films, Star 3, 105 mins.

Fata morgana
Beta Cinema, Palais J, 100 mins.

Moondance Alexander
Motion Picture Corp. of America, Palais H, 93 mins.

S.O.S. Love!
Next Station Prods., Palais F, 96 mins.

Storm Warning
Darclight, Palais D, 100 mins.

Princely Reprieve
Hungaricom, Palais B, 100 mins.

Ensemble c’est tout
Pathe, Arcades 3, 98 mins.

Savage Grace
Dreamachine, Arcades 1, 89 mins.

Taking the Plunge
Christal Films, Gray 4, 115 mins.


The Signal
Shoreline, Gray 1, 95 mins.

The Dog Problem
ThinkFilm, Gray 3, 90 mins.

Jinga Films, Palais E, 90 mins.

Max & Co
Wild Bunch, Star 4, 74

Ex Drummer
Flanders Image, Riviera 2, 102 mins.

Belle toujours
Onoma, Lerins 4, 70 mins.

Coach 14, Palais G, 97 mins.

Have Dreams, Will Travel
Reliant Pictures, Olympia 9, 90 mins.

Lionsgate, Olympia 7, 100 mins.

Fortissimo, Olympia 2, 115 mins.

Le Pressentiment
BAC, Olympia 4, 97 mins.

Spinning Into Butter
Cinemavault, Lerins 2, 94 mins.

Apres lui
Films Distribution, Riviera 1, 100 mins.

The Witnesses
UGC, Star 2, 115 mins.

Charlie Bartlett
Kimmel, Palais I, 94 mins.

Fu Works Prods., Palais C, 112 mins.


Cineclick, Grand Theatre Lumière, 84 mins.

The Band’s Visit
Bleiberg, Theatre Claude Debussy, 95 mins.


MK2 Intl., Hilton, 85 mins.


Artist View, Gray 2, 90 mins.

South Coast
Fractured Films, Gray 4, 91 mins.

Donne-moi tes yeux
Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 94 mins.

Horses Thieves
Rezo, Miramar, 86 mins.

Coach 14, Palais B, 114 mins.

Shut Up & Shoot
Allied, Palais F, 87 mins.

Complete Idiot
Telepool, Palais J, 102 mins.

Black Belt
The Klockworx, Star 4, 95 mins.

Towards Zero
Roissy, Lerins 3, 100 mins.

Invisible Target
Universe Films, Lerins 1, 30 mins.

In the Hands of the Gods
Independent, Star 3, 100 mins.

Gold View, Palais H, 110 mins.

The Sun Shines on all Equally
Cima Media, Palais D, 90 mins.

Madame Tutli-Putli
Critics Week, Miramar, 17 mins.

Hyde Park, Arcades 3, 100 mins.


Flash Point
Mandarin Films, Gray 1, 33 mins.

Cinema Producers Assn., Gray 3, 75 mins.

Myriad Pictures, Palais G, 88 mins.

Dying in Athens
Adriana Chiesa, Olympia 5, 105 mins.

It Had to Be You
StudioCanal, Olympia 3, 100 mins.

Genghis Khan — To the Ends of the Earth and Sea
Shochiku, Olympia 4, 138 mins.

Films Distribution, Lerins 4, 95 mins.

Rigel Ent., Lerins 2, 90 mins.

With Friends Like These
Flanders Image, Riviera 2, 100 mins.

Sand and Sorrow
Velvet Octopus, Star 2, 93 mins.

Festival de Cannes, le cinema du Monde, 127 mins.

Phantom Love
Katapult, Star 1, 87 mins.

Paragraph 78
Central Partnership, Palais I, 130 mins.

Guarding Eddy
Imageworks, Palais E, 90 mins.

Partes usadas
Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Palais C, 94 mins.

Voice of a Murderer
CJ Ent., Arcades 2, 122 mins.


Invisible Target
Universe Films, Lerins 1, 30 mins.


Flash Point
Mandarin Films, Gray 1, 33 mins.


No Country for Old Men
Miramax Films, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 122 mins.


The 11th Hour
Festival de Cannes, Salle du 60th, 91 mins.


Flash Point
Mandarin Films, Gray 1, 33 mins.


Cannes Classics, Salle Bunuel, 165 mins.


Takva — A Man’s Fear of God
The Match Factory, Star 3, 96 mins.

Tout est pardonne
Pyramide, Hilton, 105 mins.

And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Intandem Films, Star 4, 92 mins.

The Unpolished
The Match Factory, Palais J, 95 mins.


Creating Karma
Fantasy Creature, Gray 1, 104 mins.

Dreams of Dust
Acid, Arcades 1, 86 mins.

Goodnight Irene
Cinema Producers Assn., Gray 3, 98 mins.

Promo Reels
Sahamongkolfilm, Lerins 3, 8 mins.

The Unseeable
Five Star Prod., Lerins 1, 102 mins.

Chop Shop
The Works, Star 2, 84 mins.

The Air I Breathe
Inferno, Star 1, 97 mins.

Twin Daggers, Xi’an Mei-Ah
Culture Communication, Palais H, 89 mins.

Undead or Alive: A Zombedy
Odd Lot, Palais F, 92 mins.

Imageworks, Palais D, 97 mins.

Fashion Victims
Eastwest, Palais B, 102 mins.

The Mugger
Latinofusion, Miramar, 70 mins.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens
Fortissimo Films, Gray 4, 90 mins.


Sick Nurses
Sahamongkolfilm, Lerins 3, 105 mins.


Big Stan
Crystal Sky, Arcades 2, 109 mins.

Eagle vs. Shark
New Zealand Film, Arcades 3, 93 mins.

Muoi (working title)
Mirovision, Palais C.
Driving With My Wife’s Lover

Mirovision, Palais C, 92 mins.

How to Become Myself
Nikkatsu, Palais G, 97 mins.

Where Are You Going Moshe?
Med-Screen, Lerins 4, 87 mins.

DeAPlaneta, Lerins 2, 80 mins.

The Wall Man
Pony Canyon, Riviera 2, 98 mins.

Timber Falls
Arsenal Pictures, Riviera 1, 93 mins.

Scar 3D
Cinemavault, Palais K, 90 mins.

Women in the Park
Latido, Palais I, 100 mins.

Visual Factory, Palais E, 90 mins.


The Weinstein Co., Grand Theatre Lumiere, 111 mins.

Seventy Five
Vision, Palais F, 96 mins.

Young Yakuza
Dreamachine, Salle Du 60th, 95 mins.

Dai nipponjin
Directors’ Fortnight, Hilton, 113 mins.

Secrets and Death
Magic Lamp, Palais D, 90 mins.

Dream of the Night Before
Wild Bunch, Theatre Claude Debussy, 110 mins.


Heartbeat Detector
Films Distribution, Arcades 1, 144 mins.

Horses Thieves
Rezo, Miramar, 86 mins.

Madame Tutli-Putli
Critics Week, Miramar, 17 mins.

American Zombie
IHQ, Palais E, 91 mins.


U2 3D
Festival de Cannes, Grand Theatre Lumiere, 55 mins.

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