SAG’s launching its get-tough policy today on thesps who quit the union.

Guild’s asserting that members who file for “financial core” status won’t be let back in except under narrow conditions, which now include filing a petition for reinstatement, listing all non-union work performed since the resignation and appearing before a disciplinary panel.

The tougher policy stems from SAG’s leaders increasing concern over the issue of “fi-core,” under which thesps resign their SAG membership and withhold the dues spent by SAG on political activities but can still work on union jobs (Daily Variety, May 22).

“Individuals who make the choice to quit their union cannot expect to be allowed back in without the union asking some questions about why they quit and what sort of work they were doing,” said SAG director of organizing Todd Amorde. “Making the decision to resign affects not just the member who resigns but our entire union membership and our collective ability to enforce existing contracts and to organize more SAG covered work. We are dedicated to creating more union work opportunities, and it takes a strong and involved membership to keep us in a position to do that.”

Amorde said the new policy’s also part of a larger guild initiative to become the authoritative source on the implications of going fi-core. SAG doesn’t disclose how many members have done so but it’s believed to be less than 1.5%.

SAG said members who have resigned before today can apply for reinstatement under the guild’s less-stringent reinstatement process but must apply to do so by the end of year.