Nehst Studios, a finance, production and distribution company formed in May by Shooting Gallery vet Larry Meistrich, has set a joint venture with Lexicon Entertainment and Machine Made Media.

The trio will back a slate of international co-productions with what the company described as a nine-figure film fund.

The first titles will include pics under Machine Made’s upcoming slate with Warner Home Entertainment and partners George Alexandru and Kevin Cain. Machine Made’s upcoming finance and production roster includes 30 pics, including Renny Harlin’s “Brodie’s Law” and David R. Ellis’ “Dead of Night.”

“Recent Hollywood financings and the current financial climate demand innovative and creative thinking with respect to deal structure,” Meistrich said. “Lexicon and Machine Made clearly understand this.”

Included in the group slate is “La pierde almas,” a film set around the festive, though macabre, festival of the Day of the Dead and based on a series of paintings and book by Jonathan Barbieri. Luis de Velasco is aboard to direct.

Meistrich founded the Shooting Gallery at the age of 24 in 1990. Company went on to produce such titles as “Sling Blade” and “You Can Count on Me.”

Prior to the fund, Nehst had lined up projects such as “The Flicker’s Dance,” starring Joe Mantegna.