NBC sets its green slate

Studio schedules eco-friendly programming

NBC Universal announced 150 hours of green-themed programming across all of its cable and broadcast networks as part of its “Green is Universal” campaign starting Nov. 4.

“The environment has become both a corporate and cultural issue,” said CEO Jeff Zucker in a statement. “As a leading media and entertainment company, NBC Universal has a responsibility, both in our own operations and driving awareness. Green is good for the world and good for the bottom line.”

NBC Sports is kicking off the week with Bob Costas integrating green themes into the telecast of the “Sunday Night Football” matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

Throughout the week, NBC News will have an environmental focus. “Today” is sending Matt Lauer to Greenland, Ann Curry to the South Pole and Al Roker to the equator to report on the impact of climate change. NBC’s “Nightly News With Brian Williams” will feature a five-part green series with segments devoted to water, wind, grass, bio-fuels, nuclear and “how to green your house.”

MSNBC is devoting its “Super Tuesday” political coverage to the green issue and will feature “best and worst weather in America” to focus on how environmental changes affect weather.

NBC U’s entertainment networks will feature green-themed plot lines for the week and special guests to tubthump the green message.

On NBC, contestants on “Biggest Loser” will learn to integrate enviro-friendly habits into their lives; “Bionic Woman” will be set at an environmental conference in Paris; and in a bit of art imitating life, Alec Baldwin’s character on “30 Rock” will come up with a green mascot for NBC he calls “Greenzo,” whose preachiness “gets obnoxiously out of hand.”

On cable, Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” will feature eco pop-ups on how to “live with less bling and with more green,” while Sci Fi will air an eco-themed episode of “Flash Gordon.” USA’s logo will turn green for the week and change from “Characters Welcome” to “Environmentalists Welcome.”