CEO and producer at Teamworx


Hofmann has overseen some of the most successful TV movies and miniseries in the history of German TV, making epic smallscreen productions a staple thanks in large part to his cinematic sensibilities.


  • Lavish historical dramas that tackle such topics as the once-taboo subject of German suffering during World War II (“Dresden,” “March of Millions,” “The Airlift”);

  • more history: namely, life under East Germany’s totalitarian regime (“Cold Summer,” “The Wonder of Berlin”);

  • adventure and disaster dramas like “The Hunt for Troy” and “Storm Tide.

CEO of EOS Entertainment and Beta Film


As head of the Munich-based production company EOS and its affiliated world sales firm, Mojto has long played a key role in the development and distribution of domestic and international big-event TV productions.


  • High-profile two-parter “Tarragona” (Day of Disaster), a co-production for RTL Television about the real-life 1978 campground catastrophe in eastern Spain;

  • a new international production of Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”;

  • “Lance of Longinus,” a modern-day adventure about two rival siblings in a race to find the legendary Spear of Destiny;

  • “March of Millions,” EOS’ hit co-production with regular partner Teamworx.



The former programming exec at regional pubcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk is one of Germany’s most prolific talents and a main force behind German TV’s big-event productions.


    “March of Millions,” about the forced migration of millions of Germans following World War II;

  • “Stauffenberg” (Operation Valkyrie), concerning German officer Claus von Stauffenberg’s attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler (also the subject of Bryan Singer’s upcoming film “Valkyrie”);

  • the upcoming “Mogadishu Welcome,” about the 1977 hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181 by Palestinian terrorists;

  • also coming soon: Oskar Roehler’s upcoming bigscreen 1950s racial drama “Lulu und Jimi,” which Sperl is producing via her new shingle, Sperl + Schott Film.



Among Germany’s busiest character actors, the popular 45-year-old thesp divides his time between the big- and smallscreen.


  • Played both Carl Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg (the German officer Tom Cruise is assaying in “Valkyrie”) and West German terrorist Andreas Baader (also the subject of Uli Edel’s upcoming Red Army Faction pic “The Baader-Meinhof Complex”);

  • toplined the Oscar-winning film “The Lives of Others”;

  • starred as the Third Reich’s architect Albert Speer in “Speer und Er”;

  • will next be seen in ARD’s Tenerife-set drama “Auf dem Vulkan.”



One of Germany’s reliable ratings queens, Ferres regularly draws top numbers with her TV movies and event productions. The 42-year-old has focused on projects centered on her forceful character.


  • “Under the Dark Sun of Africa,” a tale of a tragic relationship set in Tanzania;

  • “Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger,” about a boy of mixed parents growing up in Nazi Germany;

  • “Die Manns,” about Germany’s most famous literary family;

  • three upcoming projects: “The Wonder of Berlin,” about the fall of the Berlin Wall; “Die Frau von Checkpoint Charlie,” a true story about a woman trying to win custody of her two children in East Germany; and a remake of WWII-set “The Bridge.”



Often described as Germany’s answer to Bruce Willis, the 44-year-old Ferch’s likeable demeanor and rugged good looks have made him a TV mini regular, often representing the ideal everyman in top-rated Teamworx productions.


  • Indiana Jones-like archaeologist-adventurer Heinrich Schliemann in “The Hunt for Troy”;

  • a hard-nosed American general who falls for a young Berlin beauty in “The Airlift”;

  • concerned father of a family divided by the building of the Berlin Wall in “Cold Summer”;

  • next up, Ferch is playing an East German security officer forced to deal with the fall of the Berlin Wall in “The Wonder of Berlin.”