Josh Schwartz

'OC' creator returns with 'Chuck' and 'Gossip'

He’s done the wunderkind thing. Now Schwartz is playing around with the idea of moguldom.

OK, having two new shows on the air does not make you the next Aaron Spelling. But as the co-creator of two of the fall’s biggest buzzmakers — NBC’s “Chuck” and the CW’s “Gossip Girl” — Schwartz has certainly proven that the first at-bat homer that was “The OC” wasn’t a fluke.

The new shows also have become a soothing balm for the 31-year-old producer, following Fox’s loss of faith in his California-cool sudser, canceling the show after four seasons. Indeed, while some producers take a year off in between big hits, Schwartz rested barely a minute before jumping into his new skeins.

The result: two very different kinds of shows — the angsty “Gossip” and the breezy, action-packed “Chuck.” It’s a disparity that speaks to Schwartz’s ability to stretch — and hints at a future overseeing a broader, Bruckheimer-style production shingle.